We Add Value to Your Life !

Palate Vine Group’s aim is to create high-end restaurants and product offerings that are truly unique in nature characterized by the following key corporate values:


Educated, well trained service staff

Customers are not only perceived as kings, but treated too

Usage of designer cutlery, crockery and glassware

No discriminatory treatment and / or closing for private functions



Help the under-privileged in the society, focusing on children

Direct / audited contributions to recognized social welfare organizations in the region

Committed % of revenue towards charity

Help our customers contribute to the society in a non-influential manner



No compromise on quality, in everything we offer

No pre-cooking or re-heating of food

Procurement of high quality, fresh ingredients

Original recipes made in-house



Cleanliness is not an option but a fundamental requirement

All staff trained on hygiene requirements and are aware of epidemic threats

All cooking and dining areas disinfected daily and pest-controlled weekly

Wash areas and toilets are an important part of the overall experience